Improving Operations

A successful operation is all about people: employees, customers and the thousands of interactions processed daily. We will work with you to assure the measures, monitors and controls (MMC’s) in place are sufficient to provide your operational leaders the actionable information needed to proactively manage the business according to your strategy.

At IRI we help our customers move the needle through deep dives, perspective and coaching concerning talent acquisition, training, customer experience, metrics, performance management and leadership development. Introducing or strengthening the use of continuous process improvement tools, data and project design and management is something we excel at and will help you win!


The P&C Industry does not operate in a vacuum. Like most industries, the P&C Industry is supported by myriad companies in a vast eco-system that provides products and services across the industry. We have provided strategic input and insight to many of these eco-system companies to help align their products and services to the specific needs of carriers. This includes, developing KPI’s and executive level decision drivers that insurers use when evaluating and selecting their provider partners. We excel at working with eco-system companies to build and sustain strong relationships with their Insurer partners.

We also provide core operational efficiency and management guidance to help you remain agile in this highly competitive and changing insurance environment.

Service Delivery 360 — Your Customers Unfiltered

Ever been surprised by your customer or had a relationship go south unexpectedly?

IRI offers a unique service to help you proactively stay aligned with your customers needs. We provide unfiltered feedback on how your products and services are valued by your customer.

Our Service Delivery 360 — Your Customers, Unfiltered SM approach provides a unique value add. Our partners meet with small teams to gather, probe and interpret strengths and flag opportunities.

We apply a disciplined yet flexible process based on the customer's needs and requests.  Some steps may include:

  1. Defining the Strategic Relationship — The contract and beyond.
  2. Evaluation Criteria — KPI's & SLA's, defined within the contract and those informally agreed upon.
  3. Collection and Analysis of Data — Via surveys, questionnaires, interviews and site visits.
  4. Measure, Report and Share — Mapping the information for the end user for each parameter selected using RAG (red, amber, green) visuals.
  5. Develop with you dashboard reporting capabilities.
  6. Conduct review meetings — Discuss results and craft action plans.
  7. Report and track action plans — Provide objectives, progress, targets and measures.
  8. Review and reset goals.

If you want unique and unfiltered customer feedback, let IRI Partners help you today.

Seguros DeAutos

In addition to supporting and working with companies in the Insurance Eco-System, IRI has developed and owns a unique asset that is part of this space – .

Developed to address the growing demand of online and mobile access to the largest and fastest growing minority in the US, the Latino & Hispanic Communities. provides these customers instant access to top tier auto insurers in their local communities.

Available in both Spanish and English, with robust Facebook and Twitter sites, is an example of how IRI links execution with Strategic opportunity.