Company Profile:

Insurance Resources International, LLC (IRI) was founded in 2010 to serve the P&C Industry. We found that while many consulting firms employ very bright and creative individuals, at IRI partners, we “have done the job”, having actively served with distinction in the C-suites at multiple P&C insurance companies. At IRI, we get right to the heart of the issue(s) and, working with your senior team, develop crisp, clear action plans to meet your company specific needs.

Simply put, we focus on key specific areas and provide actionable plans that can be executed against today—not huge PPT decks that regurgitate what you tell us with lots of nice graphics, but a disciplined multi- point plan to address an area that is an execution challenge today. Success in P&C is about the lowest ultimate cost, not just indemnity alone, or expense alone, but the best combination of both expense and indemnity for your company, your products, your delivery needs and your philosophy.

We focus on identifying and reducing leakage, improving cycle time and operational efficiency. We can help your team review current vendor contracts, ensure you have the right SLA’s for your operational focus, and work with your supplier partners to assure you are getting the right product at the right cost.

We also have significant experience in the most troubling legal environments, like Florida PIP, and can help you determine if increased costs and indemnity are a result of environmental factors or internally driven process drivers, or both.

Also, we can provide quick hit niche reviews in many claims areas, such as litigation, casualty, subrogation or fraud to make sure you are taking advantage of new technology, strategies and tactics being employed by the best in class.

At IRI, we bring decades of real experience, real success, in a variety of company sizes, structures and approaches. At IRI, We have done the job SM