The good news – employment in the insurance industry is at its highest levels in years. The bad news…..the average age of the workforce is older than ever and as the boomers retire, companies will experience huge talent gaps. This in an industry with very limited appeal to millennials.

Everyone says people are their most important asset, however executing well across all facets of managing people resources is a daily and demanding endeavor. Our customers rely on us to help them design and execute on their talent agenda. At IRI we have experience managing and leading people across a host of companies and operating environments including all 50 states and Canada. Our proven success at finding and developing talent is evident by the leaders in place within multiple P&C Companies today.

IRI can help your leadership team develop strategic approaches to managing your people assets, including developing a resource pool that includes; not just full time resources, but;

Providing you the ability to more nimbly and proactively manage your people assets.


As part of the talent agenda we can help you map out your people and leadership strategy. This is a “roll up our sleeves” commitment to help you evaluate existing leadership skills and competencies, identify high potential future leaders and map out a comprehensive and smart development or transition plan.

Let us connect you with our vast resource network to find great people ready to help you get better fast. We network, we vet talent, and we find the right match for you. If you are someone who is looking for a change, we can help connect you with companies and opportunities across the industry. Feel free to contact us, or drop a note to one of us individually.


In addition to helping you assess your talent, we provide executive mentoring. The most important thing you can do to ensure your business and personal success is to work hard each day at being a great leader. We can introduce and facilitate time for you with a former executive. These executives know first hand the challenge of running a business while developing your own leadership skills. They will listen, ask great questions, share their experiences and provide practical advice.


If you are a successful insurance professional and would like to be aware of the opportunities that IRI is working with companies on filling, simply go to the “Contact Us” button and let us know you would like to be advised of potential opportunities that fit your skill set.

We work with companies and placement professionals every day. Usually, the best people are not actively looking, but we know a LOT of people and companies.